Twisted Knickers Inc.

98 Water Street (PEI Crafts Council), Charlottetown, PE  

Arlene MacAusland is a textile artist creating wool applique patterns, bunny hug blankets, felt ball mobiles, embroidered tea towels, and indigo dyed fabrics. All products are available for sale online and at the PEI Crafts Council Retail Gallery. Join Arlene for organic Indigo Dyeing at her summer studio located at the PEI Crafts Council. The experience is fun, friendly and inclusive for all skill levels. Scoured fabric is provided for you to clip, clamp, stitch or squish before dyeing in the organic indigo vat. Allow 2-4 hours.

Year Round
Order by email, Etsy or purchase at the PEI Crafts Council Retail Gallery.
Indigo Dyeing Experience: Sign up info on my website. $50-80 per person.