Points East Coastal Drive
Heritage Building, Lighthouse

Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Station

42 Black Brook Road, Cape Bear, PE  C0A 1V0

Located just 25 km from the Wood Islands Ferry, Cape Bear Lighthouse stands on Prince Edward Island’s Southeast coast. Established in 1881, it is still in operation today, with a light visible for up to 22 km (14 miles) and an amazing view of the Northumberland Strait and Nova Scotia. Climb to the lantern room to view the panoramic vista of cliffs, beaches, fishing boats, and marine life. Learn about Cape Bear Marconi Station’s unique connection to the Titanic, and view displays depicting the past life of the Cape Bear area.

Seasonal: July 1-Mid Sept
Open daily 10am-6pm
Admission Fees: $5.00 to climb the lighthouse.