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Our capital invites you to visit and become part of the culture and heritage of our province.

Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island and the “Birthplace of Canada”. It was here that the Fathers of Confederation held their first meeting, a meeting that led to the decision to begin to create our country, Canada. Against such a historical background, Charlottetown offers a heritage district featuring historic buildings and sites.

Charlottetown has a vibrant cultural environment showcasing museums, galleries, artisans, craftspeople, musicians, and great theatre. No visit to PEI is complete without time spent in Charlottetown, and if you’re flying to PEI, this is where you’ll arrive.

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Ardgowan National Historic Site

Former residence of William Henry Pope, one of the Fathers of Confederation, Ardgowan National Historic Site is now home to Parks Canada’s administration offices on Prince Edward Island. Restored to the 1860s period, the 5 acre grounds around this “picturesque cottage” offer a view into tranquil Victorian life and are a welcome and peaceful green space near the heart of downtown Charlottetown. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the garden paths or bring a picnic and rest awhile under the beautiful trees.