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Celebrating Acadian Harvest in Rustico, September 4-30
Farmers' Bank of Rustico and Doucet House Museums, 2188 Church Road, Route 243 off Route 6, Rustico, PE  C0A 1N0

We prepared "A teaching holiday at Farmers’ Bank of Rustico and Doucet House Museums" for you. There will be four lectures on historical topics; a workshop on Traditional Acadian Basket Weaving; Harvesting of the Doucet House gardens, and an Acadian meal prepared over the open hearth and outdoor bake oven; as well as musical kitchen parties.

Email: Seasonal: [email protected] / Year Round: [email protected]


Phone: Seasonal: 902-963-3168 / Year Round: 902-963-2997

Seasonal: June 1-Sept 30
Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm, Sun 1pm-5pm
Check website for upcoming events and prices
Off season by appointment, 902-963-2997

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